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Your Natural Choice for Integrative Healthcare: Neal D. Johnson, MD

When you want to feel on top of the world about your long-term health, you owe it to yourself to visit Neal D. Johnson, MD in Austin, TX. Keeping you healthy with expert general medical care, nutrition, preventive medicine, and healthy lifestyle counseling is both his passion and his mission. His office is here to serve your entire family with an integrative approach that combines the science of traditional medicine with the wisdom of natural holistic approaches, body- and mind-healing nutrition, and healthy lifestyle choices. That’s why Dr. Johnson and his knowledgeable staff of Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, and Nutritionist offer

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Family Health -Prevention is Always the Best Cure

One of the easiest ways to illustrate the value of preventive medicine is to look at a baby aspirin. An adult male can take one baby aspirin daily – at a cost of about two cents – to help protect against and prevent a heart attack, or risk an actual heart attack, hospitalization and treatment costing tens of thousands of dollars. Preventive healthcare costs far less, both in monetary terms and human suffering terms.

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Nutrition & wellness

Wellness is not just the absence of disease!

In wellness, few things are more fundamental than nutrition, because it is the basis for energy and growth in our bodies. Food is literally our fuel!

So many symptoms and chronic illnesses can be traced back to the foods we eat, and how well we are able to break down and digest foods.

That's why we have multiple nutrition services to help you address the fundamentals of health, so you can feel better and think better!


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Our long-awaited COVID-19 shots are here! If you are on our list, we've been calling you. If you're not on our list, call us!


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