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You must be a registered, established patient with Neal D Johnson, M.D. P.A. who has been given access to their electronic chart at Neal D Johnson, M.D. P.A.  and you must agree to this “Patient Portal Access Agreement” (or “Terms and Conditions”) before you use the Webview Portal.  Please read the terms of Agreement as described below:


These Terms and Conditions constitute a binding agreement between the user (“you”) and Neal D Johnson, M.D., P.A., its employees, affiliates, and agents.  By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you acknowledge that you are at least 18 years of age and that you are requesting  access to portions of your personal health information  and requesting the ability to communicate with Neal D Johnson, M.D., P.A.’s health care team via the internet using a secure electronic messaging application called the WebView Portal.  You acknowledge that the Webview Portal is offered as a courtesy to Neal D Johnson, M.D., P.A.’s patients in order to allow you to view your personal medical information and to send messages to and from your health care team and that Neal D Johnson, M.D., P.A. may limit or discontinue your use of the Webview Portal at any time for any reason.


By signing this Agreement you agree to the following rules for utilizing the WebView Portal from Neal D. Johnson, M.D., P.A.:


  • I understand that the WebView Portal is NOT to be used for Urgent or Emergency medical care situations. In the event of a medical emergency or urgent care problem, I will call for 911 services or go directly to the Emergency room or Urgent care facility.
  • I understand that it may take 3 business days (72 hours) to receive a response to an email request that I send.  IF I do NOT receive a response within 3 business days, I will contact Neal D Johnson, MD PA via telephone at (512) 346-6086.


  • By using messaging, I agree not to hold Neal D Johnson MD PA, nor its employees or officers liable for any unanswered WebView Patient Portal requests or messages.  I will call (512) 346-6086.
  • I understand that the WebView Portal is NOT to be used to request prescriptions or prescription refills.  Neal D Johnson, MD PA will handle all my prescription refills via requests made through my pharmacy.
  • I understand that providers and staff at Neal D Johnson, MD PA may use the WebView Portal to communicate lab and test results to me, and I accept this method of communication.


  • I understand I will receive internet  e-mail messages (without any personal health information)  notifying me of new  messages waiting for me in my  secure WebView Portal Inbox.  It is my responsibility to keep my e-mail current with Neal D Johnson, MD PA.   It is my responsibility to monitor these internet messages that are important to my health and medical care, and to then login to my secure Webview Portal account and read my WebView messages  promptly.


  • I understand that Neal D Johnson, M.D., P.A. , its employees and officers shall not be liable for any loss, injury, illness, damages, or claims of any kind resulting from my failure to timely read messages I may receive through the WebView Portal.
  • I understand that I will not be charged for messages that are initiated by Dr Johnson or his PAs, nor for messages that I send to his support staff, i.e. medical assistants, etc.  I understand that I may be billed a $15 fee for messages (only ONE topic per message) that I send TO my medical provider (MD or PA) via the Webview.   I may be directed to make an appointment if the problem is complex.


  • I understand that if the physician or PA or MA is out of the office or unavailable to respond, messages sent via the Webview portal may be routed to other authorized healthcare providers within Neal D Johnson, MD PA for handling in a timely manner.   Therefore use of the Webview Portal may not be appropriate if there is sensitive information that I want to discuss directly and only with a specific healthcare provider.
  • Similarly, messages I send or receive via the Webview Portal may become part of my permanent medical record at the discretion of the physician or PA; as such they will be accessible to Neal D Johnson, MD PA  staff members who are involved in my care.


  • I understand that not all of my Neal D Johnson, MD PA medical record will be accessible through my WebView Portal account.  Posting of information to my WebView Portal account is at the sole discretion of my physician.


  • I may discontinue my use of the Webview Portal at anytime by deactivating my account.


All communications between myself and Neal D Johnson, MD PA health care team using the WebView Portal are carried over a secure, encrypted connection directly into the Neal D Johnson, MD PA’s  electronic medical record.


The Webview Portal username and password I choose when I first login to the Webview Portal are the keys to protecting the confidentiality of my information.  I am responsible for remembering my username and password and keeping them confidential. I am responsible to prevent disclosure of my access code and password to others, and to change my password at anytime online if I feel my security has been compromised.


I may request a Webview Portal account for myself, my minor children, and any other person who has given me written authority (“Proxy”).  If  I request a Webview Portal account on behalf of a Proxy, I will be required to provide documentation to Neal D Johnson, MD PA of my authority (for example, a durable healthcare power of attorney) before  I access that person’s health information.


Neal D Johnson, MD PA is committed to protecting the privacy of information I send and receive through the WebView Portal.  By using WebView Portal, I consent to all terms and conditions described in the office Privacy Statement.  Failure to comply with the terms and conditions may result in cancellation of my Webview Portal account including the right to access Portal information on behalf of any proxies.


I understand that the terms and conditions of this disclaimer and agreement may change periodically.  Such modifications will take effect immediately upon posting on the web site.  I should review the agreement regularly for changes and modifications. 


I hereby agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Neal D Johnson, MD PA and its physicians, employees, contractors, affiliates, owners, officers, directors, and agents from and against any and all actions, claims, suits, demands, damages, judgments, losses, and any other  costs, liabilities and expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees and collections costs arising from any act, error, or omissions of Neal D Johnson, MD PA and the provision of or failure to provide any of the services within the scope of the WebView Portal duties as outlined in the Agreement, included but not limited to, advisory and consulting services.


If you agree to these terms, please select “I Agree”.  Otherwise,  select “I Disagree”. 


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