I’ve always had a wonderful experience working with Dr Johnson and all of his staff. He’s been my primary care physician for 6+ years now, and I’ve continued to have a great experience with the PAs since he’s changed his practice structure. I’m staying forever. Thanks Dr. Johnson and team. – RC

He is respectful and empathetic and, at the same time, will not shy from telling you the hard news. He isn’t afraid to try new things, but he also doesn’t just load you up with fancy new medicines and send you out the door. If you go to Dr. J and have a complicated health issue, he will give you a REAL treatment plan; we’re talking nutrition counseling, genetic testing, environmental sensitivity testing, holistic supplements, etc. – ZC

Dr.Johnson is AWESOME; he really has a way about him that was welcoming for a new patient. He spoke of the “why” behind his approach and made sure I was educated for each item we reviewed. I look forward to being a long time patient and encourage others to do the research you just may discover he fits your needs. – MP

Dr. Johnson and his staff are amazing! I had a great experience today as a new patient with PCOS and insulin resistance. I also think its awesome that he has a nutritionist on staff too…I was able to meet with her as well as Dr. Johnson today. I’m now starting to have a more positive outlook on solving my health problems. I highly recommend Dr. Neal if your looking for a new doctor! – AB

If you are looking for a family doctor, Dr. Johnson is the one! He changed my life by listening and trying different meds that worked for me. His staff is WONDERFUL and the location is great with easy accessibility and parking. I have referred dozens of people to him, with no negative feedback. He is very personable and respectful. Dr. Neal makes it easy to visit the doctor. You can usually get an appointment right away. Mindful of the high cost of medicine, he is great about giving samples until you are sure that the medicine works for you. I love him! – CF

This was the most welcoming doctor-visit experience I can remember ever having! The women at the front desk were extra accommodating and friendly and my PA, Erica, was incredibly intuitive and present with me throughout the whole experience. She not only took my acute condition, but also my entire person (mentally and physically) into account. The staff and Dr. Johnson even helped me find a prescription that would better fit my budget than the original one they gave me. I would definitely recommend this office!

Visiting Dr. Johnson is always a good experience for me. Even though he is constantly busy with patients, he always has time for a little lighthearted humor, which helps me feel at ease. Going for a doctor visit is hardly a fun experience, especially as you get older and stuff doesn’t work as well as it used to, but Dr. Johnson delivers with style and his staff is helpful and friendly. He won’t tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear, and helps you understand the larger picture regarding your health. If you follow his advice and stick to the plan, you’ll be thankful that you did.

Dr. Johnson is awesome. He is never dismissive and you can genuinely tell he cares about is patients, even when it’s super busy. His front desk staff is always very helpful and his nurses are top notch, especially Nicole. She’s always nice and shown me great kindness. Thank you guys for everything you do. – JG

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